Top 7 Reasons You MUST Follow @American.Heathen on Instagram

1.)Because it’s dope. Of course. 😏

2.) You’ll see things you won’t see anywhere else (unless someone steals it). All of the content on this site is original and hand-picked by me, Jase Harley. No duplicates. No third parties.

3.) Keep up to date with my current projects. Whether it’s music for a short film, another Ford commercial, or my new album, you’ll see it (hear it) on @american.heathen. 🙌

4.) Take a glimpse into a creative lifestyle not controlled by the media and big business. It’s all independently run by me, painstakingly tweaked, right from my own small studio in New Jersey. Stick it to the man and follow the “underdog.” 😉

5.) It’s a way to find and connect with dope new underground artists. I like to surround myself with like-minded creators, and you’ll see their usernames pop up in pictures and videos. Check out their work and show support to them. If you love my work, you’ll most definitely love their work too.

6.) Support independent artists and content creators. My life as an artist is my full-time gig. My life’s mission is to create amazing work and to inspire people, like you, that hopefully want to affect change in the world. This is how we’ll do it, one post at a time, spreading the word. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the journey from point A to point B, and all the amazing people we’ll meet in between.

7.) Lots and lots of pictures. 📸 Who doesn’t like pictures??

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