Riot Radio Live /// Queen Nzinga’s Espionage

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On this episode of Riot Radio, my guests and I discussed the incredible story of Queen Nzinga and her war against Portugal. Nzingha Mbande was Queen of the Ambundu Kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba, located in present-day northern Angola. The Kingdom of Ndongo, formerly known as Angola or Dongo, was an early-modern African state. Nzinga ruled during a period of rapid growth in the African slave trade and encroachment of the Portuguese Empire into South West Africa.

Nzinga’s father, the Ngola, would lavish attention upon her. She was trained as a warrior to fight alongside her father, “displaying considerable aptitude with a battle-ax, the traditional weapon of Ndongan warriors. She participated in many official and governance duties alongside her father, including legal councils, war councils, and important rituals. Furthermore, Nzinga was taught by visiting Portuguese missionaries to read and write in Portuguese.”

Above is an image of Queen Nzinga sitting on the backs of her council while negotiating with the Portuguese nobles.

Also, in this episode, we cover a bit of history on Ancient Kemet and African culture before European colonialism. So tune in and grab some popcorn wit’ us!

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