Over the years, Jase Harley has gradually built himself a small team of reliable and trustworthy people. These people come together not only to get the job done, but to help each other in times of need. A team becomes a family. One particular member of the family has spent most his life discovering art and perfecting his craft.

Trendy knew at just 4 years old that he was interested in art. He took concrete steps in high school to really begin pursuing art. He attended a vocational school in Delaware, knowing this was something that would help prepare him for the real world.

At just 16, Trendy was a part of his first art show. There was an underground collective in Delaware known as “plug world” where he would showcase his work. To this day, Trendy continues his passion through freelance work and creating art for the Jase Harley family.

“I don’t have a limitation. I aim to do everything. Nothing creative is off limits for me.”