No. 3 – Legend of Jay Criss


Kill the track wit a mask on like Halloween,

Or Armed robbery, 

word to bond since Connery,

Free at last in my bag no dirty laundry, 

The smell of heaven a Legend is what they’re calling me,

Verse 1:

I exist beyond likes and mentions,

I see life in 3, 4, 5 dimensions,

Stretches in the fast lane you know the ride is reckless,

Don’t tail gate tight I failed the Brake light inspections,

Don’t judge my drive I got the right Intentions, 

Either sell or be sold every vice Infectious,  

I’m like “Whats a knife?” you trying to fight infections, 

Its all divide and conquer surviving death threats,

I meditate think about my life’s direction, 

No need of prison to get life correction,

Divine guidance how I write the sentence,

Tear down walls? Im out igniting fences,

Some people never change since their adolences,

Dog wanna chased the car let him bite the fender,

Bet he understands better when he’s biting dentures,

Im happy for another night I’m chasing life’s adventures,

Im for the culture but I like investments,

Only time they want to help you is when it spikes attention,

My upper back been feeling Tight wit tension,

The Streets Raging niggas fighting henchmen,

Verse 2:

You know my word play is Ambidextrous,

Cross over right back like l never left,

Write back like ya pen pal,

Im for the culture like Cazals wit the lens out,

Ain’t nothin sweet better Hold the cherry, 

scoop your queen in the Uber like she Frozen dairy,

My pen Smokey like I wrote for Berry,

Never gaudy, still thrifty like ya token hippie, 

your heart skip 5 beats The flow is slow and deadly,

My beats leave a poet dizzy, 

they say “Bro get busy,”

God is my witness like Jehovah wit me,

She got lipgloss on the el we was smoking sticky,

I feel this weight on my soul bending my shoulders heavy, 

Living through daytime drama who need a golden Emmy, 

Heard a lot promises and results can vary,

Never scary my state of mind is open carry; 

Another bloodbath left a vote for Carrie,

Check the vocabulary nigga extraordinary, 

lets get this money talking like we oversharing,

still keep a heart gold check the coronary,

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