This week is dedicated to two combined MEMOIR episodes: “First of Many” and “Treasure.”

In MEMOIR’s sixth episode, Jase celebrated his first one million music streams with a private party involving friends, family, and select fans. The crowd gathered to celebrate Jase’s hard work and success as an artist. The space was decorated with plenty of artwork and clothing to jazz up the celebration. Guests played Donkey Kong and enjoyed a bar while appreciating a high-spirited evening together.

Our seventh MEMOIR episode is an extension of the adventures we followed in the second episode. We get another glimpse into Jase Harley’s shoot for the Between The Lines music video shoot. Between The Lines is currently Jase’s most popular song to date, with over 13 million streams.

This episode takes us outside of the studio and on a journey through New Jersey during a crisp fall day in 2016. The crew is excited and ready to create the video that has helped launch Jase’s career to where it is now.

Check out the two webisodes below!