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Ep. 1 – pilot (MARCH 2016)

Jase’s song hits a million streams online and the team throws a party.

Jase and friends put together a fashion shoot in Hoboken.

Jase’s song goes viral, and a few friends start filming a music video.

Jase and the homies finish up work on the music video for “Between The Lines.”

Jase screens his music video for friends at his Ugly Sweater Party.

Jase and friends travel to Brooklyn for Memorial Day.

Jase, Jess, and Anthony travel to New Orleans. July 2017.

Jase travels to San Diego for inspiration.

Jase hits New Orleans for some fun on Bourbon Street.

Jase hits the road for a friend’s bachelor party in Vegas.

Jase hits the road to visit old friends in Philadelphia.

Back in New York, Jase meets with Tidal, Revolt and shoots a promotional video.

Jase flies to LA for a few weeks to create and network.

Jase heads to San Diego to make moves.


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