No. 1 – Black Americana [Lyric Breakdown]

Verse 1:

Can I have everybody’s attention,

Niggas know im nice that’s everybodys perception,

I body everything so its time I write a confession,

This is for the culture we gotta fight for redemption,

Standing on biz and im back on my shift,

Wanna know who full of shit guess who back on my list,

Never quick to sign my name by the capital X,

They gon promise you a lot but I carried the risk,

Yea what’s wealth without wisdom and common sense,

I could never let Nas down that would be life or death,

Im bout this life like walking dead, and Michael Myers head, rare rotweiller bread,

thrift designer threads, 

On to bigger things, they been bitter since,

Lotta cold hearts with the winter winds,

Hustle dies when ambition thins,

Gotta get your feet wet this shit is sink or swim,

Yea Record labels wouldn’t give niggas a chance,

Im out here pouring weed killer on industry plants,

If im early know its just to get flicks in advance,

My third eye birds eye got my vision enhanced,


Let me get everybody’s attention

Can I have everybody’s attention

Let me get everybody’s attention

Verse 2:

Can I have everybody’s attention,

Y’all be giving up off any kind of rejection,

niggas need hugs wit steady love and affection,

Im unconventional had no luck at conventions,

When it come quirkiness I embody the cynic,

Yea – My lifes a film everybody’s a critic, 

Pay the attendance why would I be highly offended,

keep it buck either way got my proper percentage,

You should check your principals like you might get detention,

Im still off the chart steady rise in direction,

Went viral a few times its like a collection,

Still I eat my humble pie wit a slice of perfection,

Life full of highs and lows check the thermometer, 

Today another one of them days what up Monica, 

Burning through bread like calories,

Nights in the Winehouse searching for a Valerie,

Money aint the backbone to personality, 

We all know a heart of gold aint a salary,

I cut the inner circle to a careful few,

Shit I feel you I know life can be scary too,


Can I have everybody’s attention

Can I have everybody’s attention

Let me get everybody’s attention

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