No. 2 – Good News, Bad News

I got good news and bad news,

My good news is your bad news,

Happy lies or the sad truth, 

Its all the same keep it casual,

Take a hint im giving mad clues,

Im going loose wit my last screws,

IPA wit the craft brews,

Nigga What’s on tap like ya dance shoes,

What’s a Friday night wit no dance moves,

thats a fight club wit no class rules,

Moscow mule drop a fast jewel,

Glass hard to fill like my last shoes,

Say cheers couple laugh cues,

But my attitude like you asked Cube,

Or Ice Tea in the bad mood,

On my high horse to the last duel,

Leave u washed no Bath room

Cant fix the past so they grab tools

seen death around like glass tomb

For the love of cash let romance bloom

high on second hand vibration

she suck me dry that’s dehydration,

Hot box somewhere isolated

Got me seeing stars yea Im highly rated

To sell your soul is a deadly wager

hind site make u catch the vapors

I move the crowd did the heavy labor

im done doing niggas any favors

Calling shots leave an empty chamber

You know im nicer than your friendly neighbor

Pass through Paris like its Pennsylvania

Still act the worse on my best behavior

feet wet got me wing clipping

winter soldier getting spring chicken

Serving plates aint no thanksgiving

Yea I took the title Ain’t no rank given 

Life’s a bitch and a patient teacher

I hype the crowd like a racial preacher

Don’t judge a book by the facial feature

We hiding demons don’t raise the creature

Lies spread y’all don’t listen to truth

Niggas made 3k pick up a flute

Y’all be praying to the wrong bishops,

TD Jakes and my nigga in Juice

Garden of eden im digging my roots,

I pray to god and get a different excuse

This shit getting ugly I think its a deuce

If you on my level lets get introduced

So impossible I love the mission

Im in my lane getting Tunnel vision

Every dollar seeing double vision

Find another me who we fuckin kidding 

Ran the safe got a way with words

If you play the game better play to learn

Good Plots always take a Major turn

Dagger in the back how the tables turn 

Fuck ya bold agenda

Say anything to get my vote November 

Hold my weight up no suspenders

revealed the plans like I know the gender

-you bury saints and you coddle villains

Pop Henny while they bottle feelings

Divide and conquer in Suitable pairs

See the world playing musical chairs

Chef in the kitchen you viewing a bear

And no one learns inner beauty is rare

Y’all on computers in cubicle squares

-Getting left outta crucial affairs

Love my mom she aint raise a fool 

Sip crown royal I was made to rule, 

Got my pen strong shit could cage a bull

No Mehki fife when you paid in full

Real talk what im saying to em,

I got good news and bad news,

I got good news and bad news,

Life is good news and bad news,

good news and bad news,

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