No. 4 – Desire

Verse 1:

I dont make many new acquaintances,

the whole world is looking unsustainable and dangerous, 

Judge a book by its cover then the label sticks,

Gotta learn a way to slip the knot to escape the grip,

I find it funny when they say I take too many risks,

No cap im switching gear way too many shifts,

When a star falls, who making a wish,

Am I the only one who sees this highway facing a cliff,

Blind leadind blind, no shame to get faithfulness,

Their only concern is where ya payment is,

I only need one shot like good fragrances,

Fuck it if you like it hit my website wit your patronage,

Gotta be direct now,

Once the truth is out don’t deflect now,

What is deep inside will project out,

Yea I guess the genies out the bottle , 

Views out the window like a scene from out a novel, 

Can I be a feminist and lean into bravado,

good bones just needed a remodel, 

The flow vital like hot springs in Hokkaido, 

Wit fashion models who blow cash to own vinyls,

They Flunk finals to watch memes go viral,

no smiles, they got teased in Ohio,

On god tho I breakup weed on a Bible,

im golden the flow molded by Cus D’Amato, like and follow,

Verse 2:

Im taking bubble baths in the fountain of youth,

Trying to filter through a mountain of truth,

The brave and cowards salute,

I spent my past life surrounded by troops,

Hid the crown jewels found in my roots,

She lick my dick out my suit, slurping, sound like soup, she giving tea like its sound bite news,

ya boy is downright loose, sometimes them rolling stones going down my boots,

I disappear into the crowd like poof, truth

She said my mystery is fascinating,

Kinda confusing thought our history was saturated,

Guess in the rear view vision gets exaggerated, 

Mighta been a handful of linkups since we graduated,

Clothes peeled, Skin peaking now she ass naked,

I hit the cakes and dipped out I was half baking,

Kevin, Dane, Usain, the hustle half Jamaican,

Fuck it, pardon my French I be acting Haitian, 

“Sak Pase” they don’t like me when im aggravated,

Know im really bout this green when im activated, 

The world love to see you bleeding more,

But my third eye open 24 like convenient stores, 

Yea I sponsor threats to get my team endorsed, keep it cordial we some beasts we don’t sleep indoors, 

cease the noise, the toys you lease be the least enjoyed, im on a beach,

Come meet ya boy, talk to me

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