Jase Harley Media is my multimedia initiative to empower and inspire artists. For over 10 years my focus has been cultural activism, pushing the limits at the intersection of underground culture, creating innovative visual art, design, and music projects. I've financed all of these projects out of pocket and will continue to, but your contributions will help me sustain and grow Jase Harley Media. All this work requires tons of storage, backups and hours of time learning, researching and writing each day. Your $3 contribution will help buy additional cloud storage and services to expand my growing media company. Together, we'll keep building the future, helping to provide insight, inspiration and opportunities to artists and fans around the world.

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dirty gloss | Digital ‘zine



  • Designing your Legacy: Part 1
  • The Extra Mile: ケンタッキークリスマス
  • The Extra Mile: Nights In Tokyo [Part 2]
  • The Extra Mile: A Month in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • My Top 10 Essential Apps for Remote Working
  • Halloween Horror Soundtracks
  • The Extra Mile: Nights In Tokyo [Part 1]
  • Is Multitasking Killing Your Productivity?
  • MEMOIR: Christmas In Jersey
  • The Art of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Simple Career Tips For Recording Artists
  • MEMOIR: New Orleans [Photo Gallery]
  • "TOP 5" - Jessica Franklin
  • The Extra Mile: Las Vegas
  • MEMOIR: Photo Shoot Fresh
  • Bass Camp: Building Music Catalogues
  • OP-ED: The "Modern" Woman
  • Free Pxrn: The Memoir Of An American Heathen
  • "Between The Lines" Video & Handbook
  • MEMOIR: “Between The Lines” Photo Book


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