“Between The Lines” Video & Handbook


“Between The Lines” was the first time I worked with Chris Lee on a song. I had put together a rough draft of BTL in early March 2016, but I felt it was missing something special. I met Chris through mutual friends and the day I met him was the day I had him lay the vocals for the song. Since the start, this song was destined to be something special. Around late August 2016, BTL was beginning to go viral on Pandora, and I met the uber-talented Ryan Metcalf (@ryanjamesmetcalf) who directed the music video.

Between The Lines, now over 2.5 million streams online, has been my biggest song to date. A lot of yall are here now because you heard it on either Pandora or Spotify and I’m honored that yall decided to join me on this crazy ride. “Between The Lines” almost didn’t make the album because the vibes of the other songs were so dark I didn’t think BTL fit the list. I added it in at the very end to switch up the flow a bit, and that’s been one of the best f*ckin decisions of my life up to now.


Hair and makeup was done by Jessica Napoletano (@jessicanapoleta), make sure to follow her on IG. Huge thanks to Syd ,Ant Willis, and Jenn, for being on set to take pics. Jay DeHitta, Jessica, Chad, Jay Troupe, Chris Lee and Josh were on hand different days to help carry equipment and assist in the filming process. The BTS photos are below.

Day 1 Recap:

The only drawback in working with super talented people is that they’re always in demand! Filming around everyone’s schedule became hectic and it literally took us around 4 months to complete the video from pre-production to post-production. Still, that’s a great problem to have and everything else went divinely smooth.

Day 2 Recap:

The recap videos were shot and edited by my homey Syd, make sure yall follow him on IG, his shit is dope.

The Video

The video for “Between The Lines” was inspired by the film “Flash Dance,” but our main objective was to create a portraiture of urban life. Our focus was on spotlighting two young creatives in a toxic relationship, working to get by. We decided I wouldn’t do any performance shots because our goal was to go cinematic, and we felt singing into the camera would make it cheesy. Blah blah, anyway. Here’s the moment of truth, hope you enjoy and please spread the word.

VIEW: The “Between The Lines” Photo Book

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