Halloween Horror Soundtracks

Watch the music video for my song “Mischief Night”! It’s an homage to classic horror films, directed by my bro Lexus Macon. I’ve always been inspired by films, even when creating my own production, I find myself putting on a good movie in the background. A self-proclaimed cinephile, I’ve always been visually inspired, and my favorite movie genre has always been Horror. As a kid, I had a love/hate relationship with Horror films. As young as five or six, I loved the adrenaline rush from a good scary movie, despite the Chucky nightmares. But as a lover of music composition, a good horror score has always inspired my creative juices.

#1: It Follows [Original SoundTrack]

“It Follows” is in my top 5 favorite horror films of all time partly due to this amazing score. The soundtrack by Disasterpiece forever changed the way I approach music. This shit sounds eerie as hell but somehow beautiful and melodic at the same time. The score is reminiscent of early John Carpenter who’s also on my top list.

#2: The Terminator [Complete Motion Picture Score]

Brad Feidel’s classic score for Terminator should be instantly recognizable to most people, I mean, like who hasn’t watched at least one of the five Terminator films. The first two movies, directed by James Cameron, were the best; the others were meh. And let’s not talk about “Genisys.” Even the dumb ass spelling of the word Genesis should hint at what to expect from that film.

#3: You’re Next [Original SoundTrack]

“You’re Next” was one of my favorites – great horror, and great score by BSO – but over time it seems both have fallen through the cracks. I don’t think it ever got the recognition it deserved. Go dig in the crates and make sure you watch this one.

#4: Halloween [Original SoundTrack]

John Carpenter is my favorite horror movie master because he directed, wrote, and scored several of his own films! He also created the slasher film genre we all love when he directed the original “Halloween” movie in 1978. The “Halloween” theme music is so minimal but in it’s simplicity lies Carpenter’s genius. It’s completely creepy and serves as the perfect backdrop for the films’ villain, Michael Myers, to terrorize the small town of Haddonfield. That’s not a hi-hat! What is that sound behind the piano arpeggio? I don’t know but it’s dope af. Kudos to Carpenter for thinking outside the box.

#5: The Lost Boys [Soundtrack]

I grew up watching this movie so much I pretty much learned all the words. Amazing film and classic music. That scene when they’re on the beach with the muscle head playing the saxophone with one hand – 1980s at its best.

#6: The Thing [Theme]

Unlike “The Fog” and “Halloween”, John Carpenter stepped away from the score for “The Thing”, deciding to hire composer Ennio Morricone instead. Morricone is one of my favorite composers well known for his work in another famous genre –– the Spaghetti Western. More on that later. “The Thing” is by far one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Side note: the horror special FX in this film are insane.

#7: 28 Weeks Later & 28 Days Later [Theme Song]

Last but not least. These films are classic. This music? Intense. The opening scene of 28 Weeks Later is the most saddening, suspensful and frightening scene I’ve ever watched in my life… All at the same time. Watch it, please.

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