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Politics and Cultural Activism. WIFI RIOT is my collection of personal writings on intersectionality, American privilege and the impact of Globalization.

Creativity and Lifestyle. Dirty Gloss highlights my love for travel, cinema, and obscure pop culture around the world.

“Friday Night Feature” is my latest film, a psychotronic short made up of arthouse music videos. Produced, edited and curated by me and my design team, Fresh Fuzion. WATCH MORE

Travel, travel, more travel, and of course lots of big pictures. GO


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As Creative Director of Brand New Congress, I conceptualize and manage artistic projects, creating visual content to promote working-class candidates running for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. BNC is a community of candidates, organizers and volunteers.

“Between The Lines” almost didn’t make the album because the vibes of the other songs were so dark I didn’t think BTL fit the list. I added it in at the very end to switch up the flow a bit, and that’s been one of the best f*ckin decisions of my life up to now.

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15 Episodes | 2016-2018

Memoir is my first video series, featuring random footage we took traveling after I released FREE PXRN in 2016. From my first show in Brooklyn to my first trip to Los Angeles, it’s a glimpse into my life beyond the music. WATCH

Interviews: I don’t do this too often, but here you go. A few gems to satisfy your food for thought.