Young Republicans

Part 1

In the darkened depths of a Floridian dystopia, where the land lay submerged beneath the relentless tides of climate disaster, and wildfires painted the sky with an apocalyptic hue, there lived a young maintenance worker named Sam.

Clumsy yet determined, he sought to overcome his fear of failure and make a difference amidst the war-stricken reality that oppressed him and his fellow citizens.

Forced to dwell underground, where fresh water, air, and safety from scorching heat were their meager comforts, Sam yearned for days above ground, for beaches and sand, and the soothing caress of the ocean waves.

One fateful day, while toiling away in a top-secret facility, Sam’s clumsiness betrayed him once more, and he stumbled into a hidden laboratory. A strange contraption, humming with enigmatic power, caught his eye—a time machine!

The allure of escaping his bleak existence and experiencing the world before its ruin tugged at his heartstrings like a haunting melody. With a trembling hand, he dared to touch the controls. As the machine whirred and spun, Sam found himself transported back to the year 2000.

The air was clear, the water pristine, and the skies painted with shades of blue that were but a distant memory in his time.


Embracing the serenity of this bygone era, he befriended a group of young Republicans. They found him intriguing and helpful, and he, in turn, relished their carefree demeanor.

Together, they visited pristine beaches, where the sand kissed their feet, and the waves whispered sweet promises.

Sam found himself enchanted by a lovely young woman, and as they reveled in the beauty of nature, they shared a fleeting but meaningful kiss. He cherished this remarkable experience, guarding his secret origins from his newfound friends.


On a weekend visit to the palatial Florida mansion of then-Governor Jeb Bush, the young woman’s godfather, Sam’s life took an unexpected turn.

In the late hours of the night, he and Jeb shared a cocktail on the quiet golf course. Jeb, unaware of the time traveler’s true identity, regaled him with tales of power and politics, trying to impress upon Sam the importance of respect for his niece. Little did Jeb know that Sam possessed knowledge of a future far graver than he could fathom.

With courage in his heart, Sam revealed snippets of his future world to Jeb—war, environmental devastation, and the precarious state of humanity. Jeb, infuriated and skeptical, accused him of being a Democratic operative, demanding his immediate removal from their midst.

As Jeb retreated into his office, his anger simmering, fate dealt a mysterious hand. As he walked back out to his guest he took a sip of his cocktail and began choking on a stray piece of fruit, gasping for breath. The club dissolved into chaos as the young woman and her friends rushed to his aid, panic in their eyes. On that night, the course of history was irrevocably altered.


Later that year, Al Gore won Florida sealing his presidential win against the governors brother, George W. Bush, in the 2000 election. Not long after his win, a wave of eco-conscious regulations swept across the nation. Carbon emissions are curtailed, and the World Trade Center stands tall, untouched by terror. War in Afghanistan is averted, and the world is spared from the tumultuous era of the Trump presidency and the harrowing grasp of a pandemic.

Amidst the turbulent winds of change and the fervent embrace of hope, a man named Barack Obama emerged, an unexpected revelation in the realm of Republicans. In the year 2008, he soared on the wings of unity, his vision reaching far like the stars in an endless sky. A resolute pledge to liberate the nation from the clutches of foreign oil dependency earned him the highest seat, an emblem of courage and ideals intertwined.

With steady determination, he etched his mark on the pages of history, championing the cause of universal healthcare for all, from the young to the old. The nation stood witness, hushed in awe, as accolades and praise poured forth. Regarded as the finest Republican since Reagan’s reign, he earned a legacy that would endure like the timeless rhythm of a drum. Barack Obama, a young Republican with a spirit unyielding, paved a noble way toward brighter tomorrows, where dreams take flight with unwavering grace.


The Earth, given respite and hope, enters a new era of cooperation and globalization, healing the scars inflicted upon it by human greed. Sam, now an old, wise, and gray man, awakens to a reality that mirrors his wildest dreams. The Florida beach property he now owns stretches before him, bathed in the glow of a piercing blue sky.

As he walks barefoot on the soft sand, accompanied by the laughter of his grandkids, he realizes the magnitude of his actions in the past, and the ripples they somehow sent through time. In a world reborn from the ashes of its self-destruction, Sam finds peace, purpose, and a legacy that will forever echo through the annals of history.

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