Eggnog (Holiday Mixtape)

Let’s Start With “Merry F*ckin Christmas”

I always wanted to make a Christmas album so this is my first dive into the genre. The first and only single off of the EP is appropriately titled “Merry F*ckin’ Christmas.” My gift to you all. Enjoy the holidays and happy New Year.

Eggnog is my gift to the fans, pure beats, raw samples and of course, Christmas. Download it on my bandcamp.

Jase Harley’s 3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Party

Mad love to everyone that came through to celebrate my third annual Ugly Sweater Party and “Between The Lines” video premiere at the Miles Square Party. We had Simply Juiced, Bon Fun, Two Boots Pizza and some delicious edibles for everyone. Here’s the recap.

After the Mile Square Theatre we kicked off the after party courtesy of Louise & Jerry’s – the diviest of dive bars in Hoboken. We ended the night on a high note back at Fresh Fuzion studio for the after-after party. Thanks goes out to Jenn (@Jenstagr_am), Syd (@sysante) and Ant Willis for taking these flicks.

View flicks from the premiere and after-party



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