Being a good multitasker is considered a virtue in most professions. It’s something you’d put on a resume under ‘special skills.’ But what if we’ve gotten it all wrong?

We are all usually multi tasking on a micro level. Giving half of our attention to double the number of tasks we should be taking on. It’s time to take the temptation to do three things at once and think bigger.

Multitasking on a macro level is where you will see changes happen. On a macro level, while you may be investing in more than one project, only one is being brought into the present moment. When you multitask on a micro level you are not actually giving your full attention to anything, in fact, you are robbing the task of its full potential. Give your immediate focus to one thing and access the possibility of maximum growth. Suspend time and zone in on the planting of one seed. Don’t water half of your crops while you prune another. You’ll forget something, you’ll leave half unwatered and you will be anxious for growth that you are not completely committing to. Practice patience and you will see the fruition of one seed, while you are harvesting for the next.

What you nourish, will flourish.