The Extra Mile: Nights In Tokyo [Part 1]

“Tokyo le pays du soleil s’élève”

My stay in Tokyo was as one would believe – bright and eclectic, a bit eccentric and absolutely inspirational. See the full gallery here. My new project, Bad Karaoke: Nights in Tokyo was inspired by this trip and my goal was to capture the vibe of Tokyo in the music. So, about my trip.. My Airbnb was in the middle of the city, right off the Hatagaya stop in the Shibuya district. Not too far from there is a vintage themed bar and vinyl shop called Buddy Buddy I happened upon one evening. (images below)

Above is a picture I took at Team Lab Planets, a museum full of visual projections, digital art and light installations. It cost well above what I’d like to have paid but it was worth the cost (kinda) in the end. Below is a picture I took with a few friends in Harajuku. See the full gallery here.

Next, I visitied Tokyo Tower, the oldest tower in Japan and modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I went to the very top and took some flicks of the breath-taking city views. Make sure to check out the full gallery here. I’m still sorting through video and photos from the trip and I’ll be posting more soon. Stay tuned.





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